Company Growth as seen in product lines

Over the last few years (5 and a half and counting); we’ve grown as a game tore.  When we first launched, we had 700 products listed on the site and all of them board games.  Now, we have 3,000 products in-stock at any one time spread across most of the game accessories.

It’s an interesting thing to watch and it’s an obvious indicator of success.  Here’s a timeline based on our growth into the different categories:

The Timeline

2007 – Board Games

2008 – Accessories (dice and deck boxes mainly)

2009 –RPGs (Shadowrun, Savage Worlds, etc)

2010 – Wargames

2011 – Miniatures

2012 – Miniature Supplies

Of course, this isn’t an exact timeline.  We grow in spurts, sometimes adding categories together, other times slowly adding to existing categories to flesh them out further.  In 2012, we’ve fleshed out the Miniature and RPG sections quite significantly; and over the years we’ve added more and more board games.  We probably still have 70% of our stock in board games, but in time we’ll continue to expand into other areas of the game trade.

What dictates rates of expansion?

Capital. As we make profits from our main lines, we can then dedicate some of that profit to acquiring new stock.

Customer Interest / Special Orders. Sometimes, we expand into a particular product line because of special orders from our customers.  As we bring in / source specific products, often we end up bringing in an extra copy or two for the store to test interest from other customers.

Turn Rates. At the end of the day, each new category needs to make us money.  Each category has to sell through such that we aren’t adding inventory that will eventually become sale fodder.  While new categories are given a bit of leeway as they build a customer base, eventually all categories have to be profitable.