Stretching Oneself

Owning a business isn’t about being comfortable.  It’s not a proposition for those who are happy or require a stable environment. It’s a constant balancing act of working ‘in the business’ while working ‘on’ the business.  You take risks with how fast you grow, what products to buy, who you hire.  You risk it all on the fact that your judgement was / is correct that it’s a viable enterprise.  It’s all about risk and learning and stretching yourself.

Stretching Yourself

As a business owner you’re constantly stretching yourself, growing to fit the business.  You learn about logistics and customer service and management.  You learn about leadership and legalese all in an attempt to keep the business on an even keel.  You balance personnel management with your cashflow and hope that you guess right.

It’s a constant exercise of stretching your mind and your boundaries, and if you aren’t ready to accept the fact that you have to learn and keep on learning, you likely will fail.

Too Thin

And somewhere along the way you’ll get tired and just want to stop.  Sometimes, it’s just a momentary lapse.  Sometimes, your life changes and you need to grow in a different way.  Sometimes though, you’re just in a funk.

They say that having a good support system is essential to reduce stress in your life.  And that’s true – I have a few friends who are business owners too and it’s sometimes good to just talk to them.  Not for news, or knowledge or tips – but just to grouse and bitch and whine about the things that we do that other non-owners just will never get.

There’s a flip side to this coin though.  You also need to get rid of the naysayers, the poisonous personalities in your life.  There are a lot of such individuals in the world.   Sometimes it’s just a matter of context (i.e. poisonous to you, not in general) but there are some individuals who just are deadly.  They don’t provide support, instead attempting to pull you down to their levels.  Their observations aren’t for your good but so that they’ll feel better.  Those kinds of people will drive you nuts, drain you of energy and potentially ruin your business and you if you let them.

Like predators sensing when their prey are weak, they’ll come out of the woodworks when you are exhausted more often than not and attempt to inject their brand of poison.  Sometimes, when you’re tired, sometimes it sticks and that’s a crying shame.

Learning to kick them out of your life is as much a business / life skill as any other skill you’ll need to learn.

(This post brought to you by musings on a blog post from the Business Rusch – Out! All of You)