Emotional Appeals

I’ve recently been thinking about adjusting our advertising banners.  We currently use a very basic, almost factual banner.  There is no ‘kick’ to the banner – no tag-line, no appeal to it beyond the rational / affiliation appeal of ‘get more stuff’.  It’s slick, but I think we need to adjust the tag-line a bit more, to create a more compelling appeal.

Truthfully, when I was creating the advertisement I was thinking more in terms of design and buying cycle; not specific appeals within that advertisement.  It’s time for me to go back and work on that a bit more I think.

Of course, the question then is what kind of appeal I should go for.  Emotional appeals are inherently dangerous – by pulling on one lever in an individual, it abandons all others and can actually alienate.  On the other hand, lacking an appeal an advertisement does nothing but create awareness.

The Emotions

So what kind of appeals / emotions could I focus the advertisement on?

  • Need for affiliation – claims of largest / most sought-after / etc. play into this.  Not sure we can call ourselves largest for obvious reasons, though we could claim a specific number of customers served like McDonalds…
  • Need for guidance we do have the videos, so we could market ourselves as a place to go for the videos.  However, we’ve got a limited number of videos so this might be tough.  Also, advertising in BGG, guidance is taken care off there…
  • Need to achieve– this might be more viable since we do have quite a few used games including some out of prints.  However, the target market of people who are interested in this might be quite low in Canada
  • Need for prominence – pitching our Free Shipping threshold to people who want the biggest collection might work…
  • Need for attention –  again, collection sizes, the ‘hottest new game’ focus.  We do a bit with our advertising pictures; though we don’t edit the files often enough
  • Need to escape –  perhaps one of the most common reasons people play games.  However, this appeal would not work in BGG I think – after all, we’re all there as gamers; so we don’t have to convince you to escape.  We just need you to buy from us…
  • Psychological needs – safety, hunger, fear; none seem to really fit here.  Perhaps safety; by appealing to the size and satisfied customers…

On top of having to work out the best appeal, I also need to work out the best appeal that will fit in a banner advertisement.  What are your thoughts? What kind of pitch would bring you to us?


One thought on “Emotional Appeals”

  1. What kind of pitch would bring you to us?

    I think you may have gotten this in reverse. You’re asking for feedback from people who are already here.
    I think you should instead ask: Which of the following would alienate you from us?

    Assuming the readers of this blog are in fact the type of people you want to attract, then isn’t is a safe assumption that anything which does not alienate, has a worst case scenario of doing nothing (create awareness) and a best case scenario of bringing a new sheep to the fold?

    Either way, I don’t have an answer for you in my case, but I CAN tell you that I bill my own website using affiliation, using widest selection as a key marker.

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