New Features: Gift Registries & the Wishlist

At the request of a customer and because it’s been bugging me for some time, we’ve added a major new feature to the site.  Actually, 2 features.

Permanent Wishlist Link

The first is the inclusion of a permanent Wishlist Link available for sharing on various social websites.  It can be founder under your Wishlist page and will be individual for each customer.

Note that due to a limitation in the way the Wishlist works, if an order is placed from the Wishlist link, it will not remove the product from your wishlist.  As such, it is a possibility to get more than 1 copy of the same game.

Gift Registry

To deal with this issue, we’ve added a new feature entitled ‘Gift Registry’.  You can create Gift Registries for:

  • General (if you don’t want to specify)
  • Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Weddings

You will be able to dictate which (or how many) gift registries you wish to create when you access the page in your ‘My Account’ folder on the site.  Other major features on the gift registry include:

  • Add gifts to registries and move them between registries;
  • Indicate gifts priority;
  • Leave comments for each gift;
  • Share gift registries with potential gift-buyers;
  • Indicate the date of event and address for shipping the gifts;
  • View the list of gift buyers associated with the purchased gifts and wishes left;
  • Search for gift registries;
  • Add gifts from other customer’s gift registries to theirs;
  • Track item’s status and view which items are Pending;

Limitations on the new gift registry system:

  • The database for your Wishlist and your Gift Registry are separate.  There is currently no way to port gift information between the two databases (sorry!)
  • Customers can only purchase items on the gift registry when placing an order.  There is currently no way for a giftee to purchase an item that isn’t on the gift registry on the same order.  It’s why we recommend everyone add ‘Gift Wrapping‘ to their registry just-in-case.
    • we are looking into fixes on this, but am uncertain when / how this could be fixed

I actually really like the Gift Registry system and would recommend you keep the Wishlist as a personal reminder, while using the Gift Registry as a ‘public’ place for products you’d actually like to buy.

Let me know if there are more registries you’d like for us to make.  We have the option of creating as many registries as we wish.