Survey Comments: A Rambling Answer (Part 1)

Question 28 of our survey was an open-ended question.  It was:

Is there an unaddressed need in the gaming market that we should focus on?

There were quite a few different answers in the question, but I thought I’d group some of the most common comments and our own thoughts.

On-site 3D-printed miniature service, from a basic modeling system.

Ummm… hmmm. Considering we’re an online store; it’d be interesting in that we’d have to then ship the orders out.  I just don’t see us getting into POD miniatures just yet.  For us, we need to increase our ‘regular’ miniature lines first.

Build a Board Game / Gaming Cafe / Game Store

There are a few reasons why we’ve not launched a gaming cafe.  Among them:

  • Lack of funds
  • Lack of expertise (never worked a cafe before)
  • Lack of time

I don’t see any of that changing in the near future.  The only way we’d be launching a game cafe or even a B&M store in the next 3 to 4 years would be if we did it as a partnership.

Lower Shipping Costs

Sadly, there’s very little we can do to alter shipping cost or ship times.  Shipping methods and cost, are a complicated matter but at the end of the day you’ll ‘pay’ for the shipping whether by higher prices or a lower margin on the retailer’s side.  Of course, there’s always the lowest level in margin that one can take; and so we come back to the customer ‘paying’ for shipping one way or the other.

Running regular gaming days

Again, not as viable as we’d like.  To start, we’d have to book a location.  Then we’d have to staff it (and pay for staffing).  Since it’d be a 3rd party location, we’d have to look at either bringing stock in regularly or foregoing any sales (most likely the latter for simplicity’s sake).  All of that is an additional cost, over and above what we have already.  It’s one thing when it’s part of your regular location (and can thus be easily monetized); another when it’s in a separate location I believe.

Warhammer 40k

As an online store, that’s not viable due to Game Workshop restrictions.

Storage Solutions for Large Games and Games and Expansions

Now this was interesting.  I’m not sure it’s something we can do ourselves; but it’s certainly something we will look into.  It’s one of those things that steps outside of our normal skillsets, but it is one of those suggestions that we were looking for.

Game Salute Games

Another interesting suggestion.  We did have the possibility of receiving Game Salute Games, but on a consignment basis at a much lower than normal margin.  Considering the cost of actually handling and managing a consignment of these games, we decided to forgo the option.  One particular case (Free Shipping) is a great example of why we’d need a higher (or our normal) margin at the least before we integrated Game Salute Games.  Till that percentage changes, we just can’t afford to do it.

Okay, that’s enough for now  – more comments in the next post.