Idle Thought – Timelage, sales and kickstarter

Firstly, not a post bashing Kickstarter.  I was just wondering on my way in to work if any publisher had any data about the changes in sales numbers between:

– directly published games

– Kickstarter games

Obviously, their own games so this limits the number of individuals with this information to a very small number.

Within that context and probably separately as well, I’d love to know what the numbers for sales were like between the start of first promotions to final release / wide release.

None of this actually effects me as a retailer of course, I just like data but I wonder if there’s a correlation between when you start your promotion, when you release the game widely and final sales.  That is, is there a sweet spot in promotion that would drum up enough interest to maximise your sales? Or perhaps there are multiple sweet spots – first, a selling cycle in Kickstarter and then again when it releases – but if so, is there a noticeable drop in wide release sales due to Kickstarter and if so, does it correlate to how long it’s been since you started your promotions / Kickstarter?

Obviously, I have no data. I’m just curious.