Kickstarter / 3rd Party Fulfilment

Please note, we now have a full website dedicated to our 3rd Party Fulfillment Services.

One of the newest things we’ve started exploring in the last few months is being a 3rd party fulfillment centre.  The reason we’ve started looking into is more of a coincidence.  We worked with Common Man Games to help with their Heat Kickstarter and the upcoming Police Precint reprint and are potentially talking to another party to act as a fulfilment centre.

Then, we had a discussion with the Euphoria designer, Stonemaier Games with regard to their game itself and mentioned we might be willing to do fulfilment.  He had a post coming up on Kickstarter fulfilment, and so we threw together a rough costing outline.  Taken directly from the post:

If a pallet of goods is shipped to us in Vancouver, BC, we will break it down into individual orders and ship them directly to Kickstarter backers. As all of the stock would be shipping out almost immediately, there’s not storage cost. We would charge the following rates to ship 1 simple order per backer (1-2 individual games, or a pre-made bundle containing multiple items), totaling 2kg or less, anywhere in Canada:

  • Receiving cost: $20.00/hour, including unpacking all of your games, and inspecting them for damages. We can receive roughly $1000 worth of goods in 1 hour.
  • Handling cost: $3.00/order, including collecting items, packing them with appropriate padding, creating a shipping label, and sending tracking details to the recipient.
  • Shipping cost: $13.00/order if packed in a 13″x10″x4″ box (fits standard-sized Euro games like Pandemic, Puerto Rico), or $14.00/order if packed in a 12″x12″x4″ box (fits standard Fantasy Flight Games, and larger Euros like Dungeon Petz, Euphoria). This covers Canada Post Expedited Parcel service, which ships to Ontario/Quebec in 4-5 business days, and across the country in about 1 week. Shipping is fully insured, and we would be responsible for missing parcels, damaged goods, etc.

Other services that we can provide for an additional charge include handling cross-border shipping and brokerage for the initial shipment (we have the option of using a shipping address in Blaine, WA and bringing stock across ourselves), processing more complex orders (multiple tiers of custom backer rewards, etc), and handling backer support within Canada by sending out replacement parts for defective copies. The above is a basic estimate for our most simple service, and we’re happy to discuss every designer’s specific needs with them and providing a customized quote.

 This is a rough costing and is subject to change.  Shipping cost might be significantly higher or lower, depending on what size the game / product is.  For example, for the Heat we just shipped it via Lettermail.  The order handling cost is for a few easy to pack items – I’ve seen Kickstarters (e.g. Bones) where there a million variations on the product type.  Those are much more complicated than a few variants.

The one thing I’d love to lower is our shipping cost, but until we get to the size of Amazon, it really isn’t possible.  Anyway, if you have questions or are interested in taking part in this program, you can always e-mail us direct at and we can discuss the program in more detail.