Exchange Rate Issues

I did a quick twitter feed recently that we will need to raise the price of our games soon, due to the exchange rate.  A picture says a thousand words, so here you go:

Canada - US Exchange Rate in 1 year
Canada – US Exchange Rate in 1 year

Now, this is the spot rate; add another 2 – 3 cents for the actual exchange rate you pay.   For us, we’ve been using an exchange rate for $1.05 for a while now (the reason why it often seems we had a higher price than our competitors who were pricing in at par); but with the recent surge we’re going to need to adjust our rate to $1.10.

As you can see, that’s actually still below the ‘actual‘ rate and it’ll only be for products that we bring in new.  We’ll be updating our pre-orders of course,  but for now older products are going to be a steal.  From all indications, the exchange rate is just going to get worst – so we might even have to adjust again in a few months!

Long story short – buy now!