Getting in Your Own Way

One of the weirdest things about launching Fortress Geek is realising how some of the choices I made / make basically set us up for a slower growth path than what it should have been.  It’s also made me think about how some of the choices we make for Starlit could be detrimental.

I dislike book-keeping so I avoid that task as much as possible (which has sometimes resulted in really slow book updates).

I have no desire to spend my weekends running a B&M store, so we’ve never launched one.

I don’t want the complexity of a 2nd warehouse, so we have avoided opening in the US (also, no money).

There are other examples, but it’s interesting to think about the decisions you make and consider whether they are based off rational decisions or just because you dislike doing it.  Now, doing things that you utterly loathe is probably a bad idea but sometimes, it’s just because you are lazy.  And in my world, laziness isn’t a good enough excuse (well, okay; it is – it’s just not a good one).

This obviously extends outside of running a business – from picking up your clothing or doing laundry, we often just ignore things we don’t want to do.  Sometimes, it doesn’t matter – and sometimes, it does.  What do you avoid?