The Spiel (Essen) 2014 – Pre-Orders?

We are looking at trying out something new this year – specifically, we are looking to go to The Spiel (Essen) 2014.  We looked at this once before and just couldn’t see how to make the maths work back then (over 4 years ago); but we are hoping that we’ve now grown sufficiently that we have the customer base to make it work.  On that note, we have a few questions for our customers.

1) Are you interested in having board games brought back from Essen direct?

2) Would you preference be for a direct (air) shipment which would be add approximately 30-40% on the base cost of the game or a slower freight shipment that would only add 15-20%?  The difference would be shipments arriving in a few weeks to a few months.

3) Excluding shipping, how much would you be willing to pay? MSRP, MSRP + 10% / 20% / etc?

The more you can let us know about your opinions on this, the better.  We are looking at potentially taking funds / pre-orders before the event to help with cash flow and will likely do a dedicated ‘tell us what you want’ post closer to the date.

4 thoughts on “The Spiel (Essen) 2014 – Pre-Orders?”

  1. I wouldn’t be interested in this unless the prices were at or near MSRP, but on a related note, I’ve noticed that you haven’t been stocking as many new (and older) domestic releases as you used to. It’s especially noticeable compared to some of the competition. Is that a conscious decision to focus more on the intro/gateway and high margin mini/CCG markets? Despite living in Vancouver, I find myself shopping elsewhere because of it.

    1. Not really, no conscious decision for newer games. We’ve been stocking whatever would seem to sell in our view. Which games were we not stocking that you were looking at? Older releases we phase out based on sales – if they only sell once a year (or less), it’s difficult to justify stocking the games.

  2. Often I’m interested in an older release that I’ve recently played and buy a few others at the same time. I’ve recently bought: Code 777, Seeland, Sticheln, Mu & Lots More, Paris Connection, I’m the Boss, Kakerlakenpoker, Yinsh, and 6 nimmt!

    1. Interesting. Yeah, many of those fall in the ‘slow selling’ category, where it’s not viable for us to carry it regularly. We can special order these items in of course, but that’s a different thing entirely.

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