The Spiel Essen 2014 – Pre-orders

So, here is the deal. We (or technically, me – Tao) will be visiting the Spiel at Essen this year. It will be our first year there, but as we understand it; all games are generally purchased in cash and discounts (retailer level discounts) might not be available from all publishers. It really varies and of course, games are limited. On that note, we are not going to ask for funds from people beforehand but expressions of interest. Let us know if you are interested in any particular game releasing in theSpiel and if possible; at what price. If you haven’t seen the list of games releasing, there’s one on BGG.

Note that for all the major publishers like Fantasy Flight, Rio Grande, Z-Man, Asmodee, etc. we will likely not be picking it up in Essen as availability via ‘normal’ channels is within a few weeks. As such, it will be cheaper and better to purchase those games ‘normally’. What we will be looking to pick-up are small print run games and games not announced / not releasing in North America.

So, let us know below in comments what you would like. This post will be left open to let everyone comment until the day of the Spiel.

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  1. I would like to pre-order 3, that’s right, THREE copies of Terra Mystica: Fire & Ice Expansion. I have friends who are also fanatics of the game, and we’d all like an English copy 🙂

    I know it’s published by Z-Man, but if you could pick it up anyway? If the distribution delay is only a 2-3 of weeks, I can wait. But if it’s a couple of months, I would rather pay you the extra money and be one of the first ones in North America to get it.

  2. I feel exactly the same way as Alison. I would also be interested in a copy of Terra Mystica: Fire & Ice Expansion, assuming that Z-Man is going to have their usual delay in distributing to North America.

  3. I would love to get a copy of Fields of Arle, if there are English copies available (apparently it’s uncertain at this point). It’s another Z-man release, but there’s no estimate of a North American release date yet. Thanks!

  4. I posted earlier about Fields of Arle (I’m guessing the post is awaiting approval). Even if it’s not available in English, we would happily take a German copy (under the name Arler Erde)!

    1. Good to know. I’ll see if i can hammer down an idea with Z-Man about their expected release dates in Canada before the event too.

      1. Okay, according to Z-Man it’d be November release for them, presented in Essen. We could air-ship them back for a faster return (about 2 weeks) but we’d be looking at probably 20 – 25% increase in the base cost.

  5. Tao: if your November comment refers to Fields of Arle, I will be patient and wait for the domestic release. I would be willing to consider that kind of mark-up if I’d otherwise have to wait until the new year, but I can handle two weeks. 🙂

    In general, I want to mention that it’s hard for me to know what’s worth buying from the smaller publishers in advance with such a huge number of games being sold at Essen. I just don’t have time to research them all! If you’d consider bringing back some extra copies of games that you judge to be good when you see them in person, I would trust your judgment and consider buying one or two. I imagine you wouldn’t have much trouble finding other buyers too.

  6. Tao,

    Are there any small-publisher games you’re interested in that won’t be available through regular channels?

    I can wait for anything that’s going to get an eventual North American release, but I’d be willing to spend money on games I might otherwise miss.

  7. Re: Terra Mystica

    So if the game costs 35 euro at the exchange rate of 1.42 = $50 CAN. Add 25% to that for air-shipping = $62.50 CAN

    $62.50 vs. $50 for the difference of 2 weeks, right? Yeah, if it’s only 2 weeks. I can wait.

    Put me down for three on the pre-order when it hits North America. Thanks for looking into it for us all, Tao!

  8. I know that Fields of Arle and Terra Mystica: Fire & Ice are already on the list, but, I need both of them!, also Patchwork (also by Uwe Rossenberg), I live in Mexico so I don’t know if you can send me the three games, hope you can, I know that requesting this is worthy.

    Cheers! Have fun!

  9. My vote would be for the Zoch Verlag “limited edition” reprint of Manila. I would love to get my hands on a copy of that!

  10. If e-raptor is there I would love some organizers for talisman and the five small card holders!
    Organizers x 6 and card holders x 2
    If they have their sweet printed boxes for less than 100 Euro I would be soreley tempted too…

  11. I’d be interested in getting a copy of Samurai Spirit (Funforge)… I don’t see any details of when that would be available through normal channels.

  12. I’m interested in a copy of Nations the Dice Game as it will not be available until the new year, possibly 2 copies… Let me know approximately what the price would be. Thanks,


  13. I previously posted that I’m interested in Manila and I still am. Just wanted to add that I’m OK with either the 2014 reprint with the cardboard boats and money or the original with wooden boats and plastic money. Just getting a copy is hard.

    I’m also interested in Haru Ichiban published by Blackrock Editions. This just has a very small print run so I don’t really have high hopes.

    1. Hi Tucker, I didn’t see this post till after the event so didn’t get any. However, I know the expansion will be coming in to normal distribution; hopefully soon.

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