We’re Hiring – Seasonal Position Available

Are you interested in joining the Starlit Citadel team?

We’re in need of a little extra help during the busy Christmas shopping period, and are hiring a new part-time staff member. This is a seasonal hire for the months of November and December, with the possibility of obtaining a permanent position in the new year. Here are the details:

– part-time position, beginning at ~20 hrs/week (primarily Monday to Friday)
– $10.50/hr starting wage
– duties will include order processing, shipping, receiving, and in-person customer service
– starting date November 17th (or earlier, if possible)

Experience in warehouse shipping/receiving and customer service is definitely an asset, and we’re looking for someone who would be a good fit for a fast-paced, geeky environment.

All interested should send a resume and cover letter to Kaja at ksadowski@starlitcitadel.com.

Product List from Essen

Hi all;

While we wait for the shipping cost for all our games to arrive so that we can create and allow customers to start ordering products, I thought I’d update about what we did purchase and quantities. I’ll also put some notes on why we purchased these games and other general comments.

5 * Dragonscroll – limited edition release, the miniatures are so, so pretty. Heck, the gameplay is supposed to be pretty good too, but the minis sold it for us (and the limited edition).

6 * Wir Sind das Volk
3 * Mythopia – A Martin Wallace game that generated a ton of great buzz at the convention.
4 * Onward venus – Okay, I’m a sucker for this kind of art and theme. It looks very solid as a game too.
4 * Doodle City – one of the most interesting games to come out, the easy gameplay and fun drawing on the pad made it a great seller at the event.
2 * Keyflower the Farmers Expansion
2 * Masilia
2 * Carson city Expansion
1 * Homesteaders
1 * American rails
3 * Golden ages
6 * CV – ’cause we have had huge demand for this so far
12 * CV expansion
9 * Greenland
10 * Steam Donkey – one of my personal favorites of the convention. Feels a bit like San Juan with the use of cards to ‘pay’ for your attractions, but the steampunk theme and the use of multiple colors in a compact box and good price makes this a great sale.
20 * Coup Guatamala 1954 – yeah, it’s Coup. With multiple role-cards to choose from. What more could we want?
12 * Melee – another from La Meme games, a compact wargame.
2 * Arkwright – gorgeous game. Really complex but it looks very good. Didn’t have a chance to play it, but we did get an explanation and it seems pretty solid.
1 * Colt Express – so pretty, wish we managed to get more copies before it sold out.
10 * Strife – the Kickstarter for North America is on-going but the Europe version is already out and comes in bigger cards!
2 * Urban Panic – plays like a simplified Suburbia but with some interesting scoring / balancing mechanics.
2 * Imperialism
4 * Waggle Dance – worker placement with bees. You’ll need to grow your hive and bees while collecting enough pollen to actually make honey. Definitely plays well with 4.
2 * 2019 the arctic
9 * Outcast Hero’s – Traitor mechanic like Coup, but with missions that have to be beaten using the various abilities of the characters. Set in Poland during WW 2.
2 * First to Fight – a really interesting wargame that has players ‘sharing’ the soldiers who must be positioned to complete missions before time is up. Fail too many missions and the game becomes impossible for everyone, but you do want to come out the top general. Very interesting use of the various soldier cards which gives this game a nice mix of Euro & Wargaming elements.
2 * 7 Ronin – so pretty. 2 player assymetric, hidden action game. Wish we could have gotten more but this was all there was left at the end of Essen.
2 * Cargo train
12 * Alchemists – Probably the hit (outside of perhaps Deus) of the Con. Such an interesting game with the use of the app to make potions. It’s a bit of a puzzler and at the end of Sunday, might not have been the best game to learn but it sure was interesting. Seems to have some good balance mechanics and a definite brain-burner. Expect to play at least 1 game to get your head around it all.
1 * Haru Ichiban – We have 1 copy, but it’s so pretty. From the limited edition set.

Most of our other stock should be arriving in a week plus we hope and games will be up on the site as soon as we get final cost worked out.

Some other notes on requests:
Gaia – not available for retailers to purchase there, but we’ll be picking it up from distributors direct in a few weeks.
E-Raptor- we are looking at getting it from a distributor once it’s avialable.
Manila – entering main distribution. Was not available for purchase at retail prices at the fair.
Patchwork – should be available via mass distribution in a few weeks too.

Major Change to Fantasy Flight Games Distribution

We’re just in the process of navigating a major change to how all Fantasy Flight Games products are distributed to us. This change will affect all future restocks of these items, including upcoming new releases. We are acting quickly to ensure that all of our preorders can be filled, and that we will receive adequate stock of upcoming items. If you already have an order with us for a Fantasy Flight item (e.g. Android: Netrunner, X-Wing), your order is being kept on file, and will be filled in the order it was received once product arrives.

As the distribution change will most likely affect our pricing, we have put a temporary stop to all further backorders/preorders of Fantasy Flight items. Once pricing has been confirmed and updated as needed, we will re-open preorders and contact any affected customers immediately. All orders for in-stock items will be filled from our existing inventory, as normal.

Our apologies for the inconvenience caused by this change. We will do our best to ensure a smooth and quick transition, and appreciate your patience as we navigate this challenge.