Major Change to Fantasy Flight Games Distribution

We’re just in the process of navigating a major change to how all Fantasy Flight Games products are distributed to us. This change will affect all future restocks of these items, including upcoming new releases. We are acting quickly to ensure that all of our preorders can be filled, and that we will receive adequate stock of upcoming items. If you already have an order with us for a Fantasy Flight item (e.g. Android: Netrunner, X-Wing), your order is being kept on file, and will be filled in the order it was received once product arrives.

As the distribution change will most likely affect our pricing, we have put a temporary stop to all further backorders/preorders of Fantasy Flight items. Once pricing has been confirmed and updated as needed, we will re-open preorders and contact any affected customers immediately. All orders for in-stock items will be filled from our existing inventory, as normal.

Our apologies for the inconvenience caused by this change. We will do our best to ensure a smooth and quick transition, and appreciate your patience as we navigate this challenge.

2 thoughts on “Major Change to Fantasy Flight Games Distribution”

    1. They have stopped allowing us to purchase direct from the US, meaning that we have to purchase from the Canadian distributor whose base prices are 20% higher.

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