New Board Games: December 31st, 2014

Command & Colors : Napoleonics Expansion #4 – Prussian Army
Cross Hares: Testing Ground
The Duke: Siege Engines Middle Ages Expansion
Dungeon Roll: Hero Booster Pack #2
Firefly RPG: Things Don’t Go Smooth
Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Honor & Duty
The Game of Things
Kingsport Festival
Krosmaster: Arena Season 2 – Kerubim’s Bazaar
Krosmaster: Junior
Legion of Honor
Mice and Mystics Prince Collin Plush Toy
Mice and Mystics Prince Lily Plush Toy
Munchkin: +6 Bag O’ Munchkin Legends
Munchkin Legends: Deluxe Edition
Pixel Glory
Pixel Tactics: Argent University
Pixel Tactics: Price of Victory
Pixel Tactics: Seven Sisters
Provincia Romana
The Resistance: Hidden Agenda
The Resistance: Hostile Intent
Samurai Spirit
San Juan (2nd Edition)
Star Realms: Crisis Booster – Bases and Battleships
Star Realms: Crisis Booster – Events
Star Realms: Crisis Booster – Fleets and Fortresses
Star Realms: Crisis Booster – Heroes
Star Realms: Crisis Collection
Summoner Wars: Cloaks – Second Summoner
Tile Chess
Tokaido (Restock)
Worker Placement: Cash is King

New Board Games: December 23, 2014

Android: Netrunner LCG – The Source Data Pack
Attack Wing: Dungeons and Dragons – Aarakocra
Attack Wing: Dungeons and Dragons – Black Shadow Dragon
Attack Wing: Dungeons and Dragons – Movanic Deva Angel
Drinking Quest 2: Yeddy Vedder’s Yeti Adventure
Eldritch Horror: Mountains of Madness
Quarriors: Light vs Dark
Small World: Leaders of Small World
Small World: Necromancer Island
Small World: Royal Bonus
Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Putting together the Boxing Day Sale List

Just some general musings while I create the list of items that are going on-sale for Boxing Day.   The process is rather simple – I download everything that we have in-stock on a certain date then filter items for those products that have been on sale before.  I look these overs to see why they’ve been on sale (over-stock or non-sellers) and deal with them individually.  That creates the ‘core’ of the list.

The second portion is finding items that were good sellers that don’t sell anymore.  This is more of an ‘eyeball’ situation, where I scan down the remainder of the list looking for items that I don’t recall selling recently.  If I hesistate on the answer, I check against our records.  It’s not scientific but considering the sheer volume of SKUs involved, it is faster than checking each item individually.

Of course, on top of that there are numerous items that are given a pass for one reason or the other.  These include:

  • newly released items (obviously)
  • items going out of / already out-of-print (on a case-by-case basis)
  • dice (the more the merrier)!
  • Bones figurines (again, these sell occasionally and cost us so little to keep in-stock it’s worth keeping. Till we run out of space anyway).
  • ‘classic’ games that make sense to keep. While we don’t sell a lot of these, it helps give us a legitimacy to have stock of things like ‘Sorry’ and ‘Taboo’ and the like.
  • Expansions of a good selling game (e.g. The A Touch of Evil: Something Wicked Expansion sells slow for us, but the base game is good; so we keep the expansion around).

Next step of course is figuring out what kind of discount we should provide. This is much simpler – we’ve got a little chart that indicates how often a game hs been discounted and what the last discount amount was along withwhat the next discount should be. So that’s all plug-and-play.

And that’s it, create the full file and then upload to the site. Generally, we’re hoping to see some items we won’t ever bring back in go out the door. It’s really nice to see ‘dead’ stock disappear because it’s ‘found’ money, money we can now use for other, better selling games in the future.


So, just a quick update for those curious. Bestselling products for the XMas Season so far include:

Sushi Go!
Sheriff of Nottingham
Machi Koro
Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game
Tempest: Love Letter
King of Tokyo
King of New York
Castles of Mad King Ludwig
Forbidden Island
One Night: Ultimate Werewolf
Star Wars X-Wing: Core Set
Pandemic (2013 Edition)
The Resistance 2nd Edition
Forbidden Desert
Settlers of Catan 4th Edition
Star Wars X-Wing: VT-49 Decimator Ship Expansion

To note, I deleted the Dice Masters Foil Packs and other individual booster packs for Magic as well as sleeves, otherwise the entire list would be dominated by these products.

It’s interesing that the difference between Sushi Go! at the top and the Star Wars X-Wing: VT-49 Decimator Ship Expansion at the bottom is nearly 4 times. Of course, Sushi Go is comparatively cheaper, but there’s a steep curve going on here.

Of course, a lot of this has to do with timing as well.  If you check the automated Bestsellers list which pulls from the last 30 days, it’s got Takenoko and the VT-49 Decimator much higher, mostly due to when the products came back into stock.  Other items, like the One Night game might have sold more if we had more copies, but just couldn’t get enough stock in (ditto with Sheriff of Nottingham now since we are now out of stock).

New Releases: December 10, 2014

Krosmaster: Arena Season 2 – Riktus Assault
Krosmaster: Arena Season 2 – A Lucky Guy
Krosmaster: Arena Season 2 – Head Hunters
Krosmaster: Arena Season 2 – Armored Botherhood
Krosmaster: Arena Season 2 – Bam Boom
Warfighter Expansion: Bonus Bullet Dice
Heroes of Normandie: Fortified Farms
Heroes of Normandie: GE Wittman’s Tigers
Heroes of Normandie: Lord Lovat’s Commanddos
Shadowrun 5E: Runner’s Toolkit
Worker Placement
Krosmaster: Arena Season 2 – Dura Lex Doug Rex
Krosmaster: Arena Season 2 – Dragoon Power
Krosmaster: Arena Season 2 – Holy Missile
Sterling Grey Metal Polyhedral Dice
Green Painted Metal Polyhedral Dice
Red Painted Metal Polyhedral Dice
Blue Painted Metal Polyhedral Dice
Cards Against Humanity Expansion 1
Cards Against Humanity Expansion 2
Cards Against Humanity Expansion 3
Cards Against Humanity Expansion 4
Cards Against Humanity Expansion 5
Warpaints: Zombicide Core Paint Set
Warpaints: Zombicide Toxic Prison Paint Set