New Board Games: July 30th, 2015

20th Century Limited
Alchemy! Famous Alchemists, Amazing Potions, & Remarkable Places
Arctic Scavengers: the Base Game, HQ and Recon
Arctic Scavengers: Recon Expansion Only
Compounded: Geiger Expansion
Deck Building: The Card Game
El Gaucho
Firefly: the Game – Esmerelda
Firefly: the Game – Jetwash
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Deck 3 – Demon’s Heresy
KMC Premium Hyper Matte Sleeves – Black
Metal Adventures
Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Hell Unleashed
Steam Torpedo: To Your Positions!
Takoashi University: Marie Claude
Takoashi University: Work Study
Takoashi University: Fitness Club
Ultimate Warriorz
Weiss Schwarz: Booster Pack – Attack on Titan

New Board Games: July 23rd, 2015

Brandon the Brave
Broom Service
Dungeon Fighter: The Big Wave
Firefly RPG: Ghosts in The Black
Flip City
Force of Will CCG: Crimson Moon’s Fairy Tale Booster Box
Force of Will CCG: The Castle of Heavens and Two Towers Booster Box
Monster Laundry
Super Dungeon Explore: Brave-Mode Candy
Super Dungeon Explore: Herald of Vulcanis
Super Dungeon Explore: Captain R
Super Dungeon Explore: Kaelly Nether Strider
Super Dungeon Explore: Mistmourn Coast
Super Dungeon Explore: Nyan Nyan
Super Dungeon Explore: Ser Snapjaw
Super Dungeon Explore: Tabbybrook Mage
Star Munchkin 3: Diplomatic Immunity Expansion
Warmachine: Convergence of Cyriss – All-In-One Army Box

Balancing shipments through multiple parties

As many of you know, we’ve started using UPS as a shipping option for international shipments. Part of the reason for this is due to pricing – it’s actually cheaper (marginally) to ship to some countries with UPS with our discounted rates than with Canada Post. A side goal is to reduce our cost of shipping to the US to a more manageable level for large shipments.  While the Small Packets USA costs is extremely reasonable for shipping, it only works for packages up to 2kg.  That means that most of our US orders are for smaller products.

Currently, we are on a tiered discount level with UPS, with shipping costs reducing as we spend more on a rolling basis.  It’s a good system, especially at our current spend levels since it gives us specific goals to shoot for in terms of shipments.

However, to get the most out of it, we need to hit the next tier up. Unfortunately, it’s a chicken and egg scenario – we can’t provide good rates till we ship a lot, but customer’s won’t purchase from us till we get good rates.  So occasionally, we balance out shipments by contacting individual customers who are shipping outside of Canada to see if they’re okay with us shipping via UPS rather than Canada Post.  It’s more work, but the goal of course is to eventually move up the tiers and get a decent (and consistent) shipping rate.

The obvious question is why don’t we move to UPS in Canada? The simple answer is that it’s more expensive to use UPS for most shipments in Canada, even at the best discount rates UPS can provide us.  As such, it makes more sense to keep Canada consistent with Canada Post and move to cheaper rates with them.  Of course, we’re now at a size that moving from one tier to another requires a significantly higher number of shipments.

New Board Games: July 16th, 2015

CHEW: Cases of the FDA
Dead Man’s Chest (Standard Box)
Dragon Run
Game of Crowns
Magic the Gathering: Magic Origins Fat Pack
Magic the Gathering: Magic Origins Booster Pack
Magic the Gathering: Magic Origins Two-Player Clash Pack
Magic the Gathering: Magic Origins Intro Pack – Set of Five
Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron Dice Building Game Starter Set
Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron Dice Building Game Foil Pack
DC Dice Masters: Age of Ultron Collectors Box

New Board Games: July 6th, 2015

Cthulhu’s Vault
D60 35mm Opaque Black w/ White
D60 35mm Opaque Blue w/ White
D60 35mm Opaque Green w/ White
D60 35mm Opaque Red w/ White
D60 35mm Opaque White w/ Black
Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy Miniatures: Icons of the Realms Promo Figure
Enemy Coast Ahead: the Dambuster Raid
Mythic Battles: Heroes’ Bloody
The Walking Dead: The Prison
Warpaints: Base Primer – Aegis Suit Satin Varnish