The Spiel (Essen) 2015 Games of Interest

As I mentioned, we’ve created this list by going through the hundreds of games compiled by Eric W. Martin here. This is the first of what will be our ‘buy’ list and obviously, we aren’t going to get all these games. In fact, we’ll probably only get 30 or 40 at most. Games listed here will be further reviewed n more detail and potentially left for final decision at the convention. In addition, many of these games might not be purchasable at our normal discount (or even open to being purchased at the fair by retailers); so won’t be brought in.

Lastly, we’ve avoided listing games from publishers who have shown the ability to get their ‘hot’ games at Essen into mainstream distribution fast (e.g. most Asmodee Games, Z-Man Games, Rio Grande Games) since thes games will be available at a much lower cost very soon after the show. Okay, enough explanation, here’s the list.

I had to delete the BGG links that I had here originally to make this a lot easier to read.

Game Why Cost
Magecraft Good graphics
Small City Doodle City
Lembitu UK Good review
Euro Crisis Funny
504 Stronghold Games has English
Power Grid: The Stock Companies 2F-Spiele
Hanabi: Die Bonus-Plättchen FREEE!!!!
Portal of Moth Tower Defense
Among Nobles 2013 Fastaval Best Board Game Nominee
The Producer Looks like a fun game
Kampen om Fredriksten Need to pre-order
Project:Elite Very expensive so definitely maybe
The Pursuit of Happiness Interesting and 300 limited copies
Stellar Conflict Among the Stars
Clacks: A Discworld Game
7 Ronin Plays very well
Waste Knights Just looks fun
Chenghuang: Guardian of the City Pretty
Haru Ichiban
Celestia Reprint of Cloud 9
The Curse of the Black Dice
I Hate Zombies No discount
The Dome fighting game
Sherlock 13 Deductive party game like Codenames?
Mafia Casino Looks interesting, decent ranks for something unreleased
Sly Dice Bluffing dice game, Coup like?
Ikonikus Great sales in Spain
Faith the SciFi RPG Core Set RPG so very iffy
Siggil Capsicum game so probably aviable soon in our stores
Internal Affairs Deduction party game
Crossing Language independent dexterity game
Unusual Suspects Deduction / Murder Mystery
Council of Four Check out first for sure
Samara Look vaguely interesting. These guys produce good games
Shuffle Heroes Czech Board Games
Galaxy Trucker: Missions CGE
The Prodigals Club CGE
Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends – Nethervoid CGE
Through the Ages CGE
Double Mission Expensive but looks interesting
Amphipolis Reiner Knizai Game
Oath of the Brotherhood Pretty
Shadows over Normandie Might be in in mass
Orleans Might already get a copy here by this time
Black Hat
Burano Pretty
A Game of Gnomes Great game
Dommus Domini
Terraforming Mars
Coup from these guys Coup & Coup Reformation with different artwork. Definitely a seller
Zombie Terror
Andromeda Need artwork
Thrash ‘N Roll
Taverna Lots of likes..
The Foreign King
Prime Time Pre-orders will add Kickstarter items
Expo 1906
Carcassonne: Star Wars
Spyfall Promo Cards Or as many as you can get!!!!
The Arabian Pots Very cute components
Minerva Good buzz
Sheep & Thief Card drafting game, quite cute
CS Files Very interested
Eight Epics Looks good
Coup: Guatamela – Anarchy Expansion to Coup 1954
Coup: Guatamela 1954 Sold very well last year
Vampire Panic
Eclipse: Black Hole
Eclipse: Shadow of the Rift
MULE The Board Game
Perfect Alibi
Grand Austria Hotel 43
Hengist 18
… and then we held Hands Really interesting 20
[microfilms] Redacted mini game 10
Colt Express: Postkutsche & Pferde Expansion to Colt Express 20
Watson & Holmes 30
Kemet Ta Seti 40
Lignum 49
Simurgh 38
They Come Unseen 45
Royal Goods 7
The Bloody Inn 25
Tail Feathers
Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot 50
Flick ‘Em Up Stallion Canyon
Carson City: Horses & Heroes
Inhabuit the Earth 45
Barking Up The Wrong Tree 15
DRCongo 40
Hereoes 32
Swords & Bagpipes Looks interesting but no data
Cornwall 18
Dilluvia Project
Food Chain Magnate 75
Guilds of London If available. Might not be 40
Ships Limited Edition 45
A Study in Emerald 2nd Ed 30
Alien Artiffacts Looks vaguely interesting 35
Nippon Maybe in mass?
Signorie Maybe in mass?
Germania Magna
Dojo Kun 45
Beasty Bar: New Beasts in Town Great filler game 15

12 thoughts on “The Spiel (Essen) 2015 Games of Interest”

  1. Obviously I can’t buy all of this, by I’m interested in:

    Hanabi promos
    The Pursuit of Happiness
    Mafia Casino
    Unusual Suspects
    Spyfall promos
    The Arabian Pots

    1. We just got confirmation that [microfilms] is coming in in November through normal distribution. For Pursuit of Happiness, we’d have to get it at full retail due to the limited number. Would you still be willing to buy it? The cost would be nearly twice the price they are selling it at once we add in our markup and shipping cost. The others, I’d have to ask about for availability

  2. Nah, not for double the cost.

    For the others, please only look into it if it makes business sense for you, at least until I am so rich I can buy your entire stock (soon). Have fun in Germany!

    1. Okay, added the one’s we’ve gotten replies to to the site. The only other one that I’m pretty sure is going to sell to us at retail pricing is the Arabian Pots game. We might bring in some of them, but the only way to guarantee it is to pre-order the games.

  3. Morning Tao,

    I just pre-ordered Food Chain Magnate, Among Nobles, Inhabit the Earth and CVlizations from you folks.

    If you can get any of the following at somewhat reasonable prices, I will order them as well. I know it’s a long list, but I’ll take them all if you can get them:
    Guns & Steel
    Small City
    Royal Goods
    Dilluvia Project
    Kune v Lakia


    1. Will do. I’ll add it tour list of things to look for. Small City is definitely not going to happen, he has 750 copies printed only and won’t be selling them at retail prices so you’d be paying pretty much twice the retail price just to get it.

      Oh, I’m going to assume that if a game is being printed and brought in within a few months that you’d prefer the (cheaper) option of normal distribution? For example, 504 is being done by Stronghold which means it’ll be in normal distribution at some point.

  4. Thanks Tao. I’m happy to wait for anything that you anticipate will be normally distributed. I can just buy it from you when it comes through normal channels.

    Would you like me to put down a $ deposit for any of those titles you run into?


    1. That’s fine, we’ll see what we can get. We have a few confirmed, just waiting for the final confirmation on pricing and we’ll throw them up ASAP.

  5. I am feverishly anticipating Eclipse: Shadow of the Rift Expansion Pack. Any word of when it will be available/when you are ordering it?

    1. No word just yet. We didn’t pick up it in Essen because it is meant to release over here, figure it should be in a few months.

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