Top 10 Games of 2015

Starlit Citadel’s Top 10 Games list of 2015 is now up.   As always, it’s a list of great games that are releasing (or have released) that we think most gamers will love. It’s a pretty broad range this year, with a few games currently out of stock though we expect there to be restocks for most of them before XMas.

As always, it’s worth noting that the Top 10 list is based off sales on in the site and some personal tastes in the company.  This is not the Top games list by Kaja & Joanna of the video review, they’ll be filming that list at the end of the month and it should be listed before the end of the year.

The Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau Donation Drive

This year, we are going to be collecting funds for the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau so that they can provide games for teens and tweens.  It seems that they often do not have sufficient games for children in those ages, and since we all want more gamers to play with, we thought it’d be a great way for us to help.   It’s a bit late on our announcement since we wanted to make sure they were good with this before we did the announcement and we just received a confirmation e-mail today.

To participate, you can do one of two things:

  • add a gift certificate specially created for them directly to your cart.  Choose any amount you are willing to donate from $1 to 1,000 or;
  • at checkout, click on the $5 Donation button at the bottom of the Checkout screen to add a $5 donation

All donations will be totaled and tracked and Starlit Citadel will match every dollar donated.  All funds will then be used to purchase games at cost (our cost that is!) and donated to the LMCB on December 18.

To clarify on the donation amount:

  • If we raise $200 from our customer’s donations
  • We will match the total donations by $200
  • And purchase $400 worth of games at cost.  This will work out to be approximately $800 worth of games at full MSRP.

So please donate, we’re looking forward to running our first ever charity drive.

PS: Many thanks to Elise for the idea and putting all this together.


Crowdfunding Fulfillment

As many of you know, we have been completing Crowdfunding (Kickstarter) Fulfillment for Canada and recently have branched out to doing fulfillment for the US as well.  In addition, we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries asking us for pricing and other details.  While we have been happy to answer those questions, I thought it might make more sense to create a singular website with all that information and the numerous questions we get asked. So, we did – Starlit Citadel Logistics.

Not particularly inspired in terms of naming, but I think it gets the point across.

The Business Case

I’ve mentioned before that in terms of actual business sense, crowdfunding fulfillment will never pay our bills.  A ‘big’ Kickstarter like Red Dragon Inn 5 which we just completed only had about 200 or so backers in Canada.  We charge $3 per order handled and that includes box cost.  So, on a ‘big’ Kickstarter, our revenue is $600! We’d have to do a lot of Kickstarter’s to cover the cost of the space in Canada.

On the other hand, the Kickstarter in the USA was significantly larger – over 10 times.  At those rates, you only need a few ‘big’ Kickstarters (or a lot of small – medium sized Kickstarters) before you are able to generate a decent revenue stream.  It’s part of the reason why we started offering the option down in the USA, and partly because we had quite a few questions from Kickstarter creators who wanted to know if we would do so.

This will still be a very much side-project, one that I’ll tackle (i.e. market) when I have a bit of free time and/or need a break from my current projects.  We seem to have generated some great word of mouth and I am content to let the business grow that way.

In the future, expect most of our posts on Kickstarter Fulfillment directed to the other site.

Oh, and I swear I’ll get back to writing more blog posts soon. Things have just been very busy on the backend and finding mental energy and time to write posts, especially posts that I can publicly post, has been in the premium.

Update to Pre-Order Policy

We have now changed our pre-order policy to streamline our processing by charging all customers with pre-orders the entire cost of the order immediately.  There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that we are already doing the same for PayPal customers and now, it’s the same for all orders.  This creates a much fairer environment for all concerned and makes it easier to keep track of what has / has not been charged.

In addition, the change in policy reduces the backend hassle / updates / inventory tracking that we are doing for all pre-orders. We no longer need to worry about charging customers for orders held for over a month with in-stock items and will speed up our processing of pre-orders when the pre-orders being to arrive.

Obviously, from a business perspective it also improves our cash flow for our business. We no longer have to ‘float’ the in-stock product with our funds and for pre-orders, we have a guarantee on the number that we need to bring in at the very minimum, which will allow us to increase our pre-order numbers.

If you have any questions about the policy, feel free to comment here on just contacting us direct.