Limited Stock and Higher Pricing

This Christmas, we are trying  something entirely new for us which is repurchasing and reselling games that are out of stock / have limited stock in Canada.  Due to the numerous exclsuvie distributorships and the increasing popularity of board games, some ‘hot’ games have become extremely scarce very quickly.  For example:

7 Wonders: Duel – we received about 25% of our pre-order (which had been sent in months ago).

Pandemic: Legacy – Just a really popular game that F2Z hasn’t managed to keep in-stock.

With games like these, rather than not selling the games at all, we have been picking them up from secondary distribution sources (i.e. other retailers) and reselling them to customers.  Obviously, this means that these games are being purchased at a cost significantly higher than what we would normally see if we picked them up via distribution and we have to then pass on the costs to you, the customer.

It also is why in many cases, our stock of these products is limited and the prices so high. We’ll see how this works out this year, but it’ll be interesting for sure.

2 thoughts on “Limited Stock and Higher Pricing”

  1. In the situation of Stone Age, where it’s currently -8 in stock (a/o 12/07/2015), AND at a 33% discount, how does the above apply?
    Is this a typically easy product for you to get in, and are just waiting on the next shipment?

    Or are there special circumstances there?

    1. In most cases, games that are at a -ve and aren’t being restocked yet, it’s because the games just aren’t available in the USA or Canada. So, we’re all waiting for the game to come out, whichever country we are in. In Stone Age’s case, the game has been going in and out of stock very fast as F2Z, the publisher hasn’t been able to gauge interest correctly and so aren’t printing enough to carry over from one print run to the next. They just restocked though, so I expect we’ll see copies in in a few weeks (depending on when they ship it out, which can be a while since I know they are closing on Dec 24 till Jan 4).

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