Marketing – Targeting Makes a Difference

Marketing is a strange thing where what might look like a highly successful marketing program is actually a poor campaign. At the end of the day, Marketing is meant to drive revenue for the vast majority of businesses.  Yet, some highly successful marketing campaigns like the Old Spice advertorial fail to generate increases in revenue.

On our side, we see the same thing with some of our marketing programs. The webpage with the highest number of visitors (not including our homepage) is our Top 10 Fantasy Games list.  Total number of sales that we have generated from that page – 0.

On the opposite end, we have our Game Buyer’s Guide Flowchart that we created a few years ago and later updated to our Game Wizard Application. We do not get as many visitors to each of those pages (about a quarter); yet we generate a consistent number of sales from visitors those pages.

Why the difference? It’s a matter of targetting and the right markets.  Individuals who find our guides actually are interested in purchasing, while those looking to read our Top 10 list are likely just browsing. Even the terminology used ‘Fantasy Games’ could evoke a wide range of fans – from Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter to actual boardgamers.

At the end of the day, traffic and word of mouth might seem nice; but if it doesn’t actually drive sales, it’s a waste of time and effort