Canada Post strikes, UPS & Scythe Shipping

Canada Post on Strike Again?Canada Post is likely going to have a strike / lock-out in July.  Nothing officially confirmed, but it sounds like it’s going to happen. Here’s how we are handling things and how it is going to affect shipping at Starlit Citadel.

Canada Post Strikes / Lockouts

The lockout is currently rumored to happen in July, probably July 1 as the postal workers are looking to vote on the strike on July 2. As such, any Canada Post shipment that is estimated to deliver before June 31, 2016 will be fine (unless you aren’t able to receive the delivery and aren’t able to pick it up before then or the shipment gets delayed).  In other words, we CANNOT guarantee a shipment that is en-route for delivery around June 31, 2016 and later will arrive as it might get stuck in Canada Post’s warehouses.

We will likely turn off Canada Post delivery completely next week as anything ordered after Monday is unlikely to get delivered anyway.

UPS Shipping

We have turned on UPS shipping in Canada in the meantime.  You will notice a huge difference in pricing between UPS & Canada Post due to the difference in our contracts and base costs between the two companies. If you are in the East Coast / Maritimes and a rural location, we recommend using UPS anyway as they will be able to make deliveries to your location during the strike even if you order rihgt now.

Free Shipping Promo of $100 cancelledFree Shipping at $100 Promotion Cancelled

Please note, the Free Shipping promotion at $100 is now cancelled as we are not able to run this promotion while shipping via UPS.  Previous pre-orders that need to ship out during July wills till ship for free.

We have re-instated usual free shipping promotion – that is, shipping is free for orders over $175 (before taxes and after discounts) so you can still receive free shipping on your orders, it’s just going to be at a higher level.

Scythe Shipping

Lastly, for those who have Scythe shipments going out from our facility. We are working as fast as possible to get all shipments to the Maritimes / Quebec / rural East Coast out today. We currently have 7 business days before July 1, so we’re hoping to get as much out as possible in the next 2 days so that all shipments will be on the way to customers and in their hands before the strike happens.  This means that if you are in the West Coast, unless we have processed your orders already, you might not get a processing notice for a few days as we take care of these backers as we have more time to get your shipments out.

Jamey will have a more detailed update for everyone later. Please bear with us as we are working as fast as possible to get as many shipments as possible out to everyone.

5 thoughts on “Canada Post strikes, UPS & Scythe Shipping”

  1. What about back orders that are suppose to ship in July?

    I’ve already paid for shipping.

    What is going to happen to these orders?

  2. I find it disturbing
    That you call it a strike/lockout
    With canada post scratched out
    As a postal worker and customers of yours I will not be ordering from you untill you start using canada post again

    Standing up to a corperation that makes billions a year who wants to roll back wages pensions and continue to pay women 30% less than than men doing the same job
    Is what we are fighting for

    I’m sorry that Canada post doesn’t care aboult it clients
    But let me tell you the people who deliver your mail and pick-up your parcels do care about you and you business

    This is why our union has stated since the beginning of the manufactured labor dispute theat we will not strike and have continued to negotiate it good faith since the contract expired January 1

    I hope to do business with you in the future once thing are finalized and you start using canada post again

    P.S. UPS Purolator and Fed ex will also be in contract negotiations starting at the beginning of next year

    1. From the media reports we saw, both the Union & Canada Post were saying they would either strike / lockout (especially at the time of writing). It’s why we used both terms since it wasn’t certain at that time who would ‘pull the trigger’ so to say.

      As for why we stopped using Canada Post at the time, we have had numerous times had customers request refunds / chargebacks against us due to postal mishaps (not necessarily Canada Post, just postal issues). With the potential of a strike or lockout taking weeks if not months to fully resolve, we didn’t want to be caught in the middle again which is why we stopped using CP for a while.

      However, now that the likelihood of this has grown significantly less we’ve already re-instituted the use of Canada Post for regular shipments.

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