A Rental Game Library?

Our Game LibraryAs many of you know, we used to run open houses.  During the open houses, we allowed people to borrow games from our game library (mostly consisting of games from our reviews and some demo games) for play.  Since we had to stop the open houses, the game library has grown unused.  We’ve trimmed the library down somewhat, putting a few games up on the used game section since they weren’t getting much use anyway.

A recent thought has been to rent out the games from the library.  This probably only works for local customers since they would not have to deal with shipping costs of returning the games (which, let’s be truthful, can be significant), but it is certainly a service we could offer.

The main questions we’d have would be:

  • Is there a demand for this service?
  • What would you be willing to pay? The current options include a fixed amount (for a day (including weekends) or a week) or 10% of the price of the game.  The advantage of the above would be that the rental cost could be   The other option is to charge users an on-going monthly fee.
  • Is the preference for classic games or newer / hot games (with the note that if we did go after ‘hot’ games, the pricing for the program would likely be higher to cover the cost of bringing in new hot games constantly)
  • What would you consider a ‘good’ library size? 50 games? 100?

Let us know about your thoughts of us launching a program like this.  We’d love to hear from you guys, either in comments here or on Facebook