The Warehouse Sale & the Game Library

The Warehouse Sale

We spent just over a week going through every item that’s come in in the last few years, adding everything that we don’t intend to carry on a regular basis from now on.  To help clearance everything, we’re providing an additional discount that is linked to how many clearance items you purchased.  The discount works this way:

  • Buy $50 of clearance items, get a 5% discount on non-clearance items
  • Buy $100 of clearance items, get a 10% discount on non-clearance items
  • Buy $250 of clearance items, get a 20% discount on non-clearance items

For this additional discount to show up, you’ll need to purchase all of these items at the same time.  The shopping cart should automatically add the appropriate discount level to all non-clearance products.

The Game Library

Game Library


We’ve launched our game library with membership open to those in GVRD.  We’re running this as a test program to see the level of interest for such a program.  While there are over a 100 games in the library, it’s quite clear that there are a lot of newer games that are missing.  The goal is to increase the game library inline with our membership numbers, with membership dues being used to add to the game library.

Of course, in the beginning we’re looking at purchasing game demo’s since it’ll keep our cost down, but depending on the level of interest, we might just add a few other games don’t have a demo program too. If there is very little or no interest, we’ll probably put the program on hold but we’ll likely try to run the program though to the end of the year at least.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have on the new program below.

Miniature Lines

Lastly, one thing we’ve decided on is to reduce the number of miniatures we have been stocking.  Instead, we’re switching over to special orders for the vast majority of miniatures other than our Bones line.  As these items are going to be on special order, we are also reducing our markup somewhat as the pricing on the new Guild Ball items will illustrate.  As usual, if there’s a miniature you’d like to purchase which isn’t on the site, e-mail us and we’ll add it to the site for your special order.

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