That’s all folks and thanks for the fish!

As you probably realised, we’ve closed the store for general retail purchasing. While we’ll still be selling & shipping a few items online till Jan 31, 2019, that number is going to drop continuously as we move products to Amazon for final sale. We’ll probably stop even that by the middle of this week or so, depending on orders / quantities / etc.

Any products that we haven’t sold / been able to ship by Jan 31 will likely be donated to a local charity.

We’re also going to be getting rid of all our shelving & other assorted items, so if you know anyone who wants a billion warehouse shelves, do let us know. We’ve also got some old Ikea square shelves that are perfect for board games too.

I did want to clarify something for those who are curious. The main reason for closing the store has been due to a loss of passion on my part for the business. While I’ve tried to reduce the ‘burden’ of work of running the store on me, it’s not really worked out as well as I’d hoped. Considering the significant amount of work I still had to do and the overall headache of keeping the business running along with low interest on my part to deal with the increasing complexity, I decided to take the opportunity of our lease running out to shut the store down. I’d hoped someone would purchase the store since it was profitable, but due to the sheer value (of inventory if nothing else) of what we’d built up, it was, eventually not viable.

The Kickstarter Fulfillment side of the business will continue to exist. That requires minimal work and we should – hopefully – have reached a methodology that will see me with very low total involvement over the next few years. In either case, that will not affect customers.

Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone for their patronage over the years. It’s been an interesting experience running this business, but all good things have to come to an end. After 12 years, running Starlit Citadel has been the longest running job I’ve ever had. I’ve made some great friends and learnt a lot and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. Hopefully we’ve also added a little fun for all of you over the years too.