What the customer wants

We used to do surveys, and one of the questions we asked was what a customer wanted from a game store / why they bought from any single store. We had a range of questions and a range of answers, yet over 50% of customers mentioned price being the number one reason why they purchased from us. Over 50% of customers didn’t care about anything else other than price…

One of the major things we wanted to do as a business was / is find a ground and a group that cared about more than price. It’s something that brick & mortar stores are able to do.  They are able to differentiate themselves by finding a group of customers who are willing to pay a premium by offering more than just a basic website.  We paid for and produced the video reviews.  We spent money on developing the GameFinder App and the Game Buyer Flowcharts. We spend a significant amount of our marketing budget sponsoring various conventions and social events.

Yet, that number never did change. It just hasn’t changed.  What’s more, we’ve been introduced to an interesting side of the world where of free products – where, if you provide something for free, people demand more. It’s never good enough, no mater what you do.