Games back-in-stock and released

Hi all,

Sorry about the delay in the update on the site, we decided we’d do a physical count on the inventory at the same time so that we could verify all our stock. Now we’re certain that whatever is shown on the site is in-stock. Note that since we don’t update the site 24/7, watch out for the ‘pre-order’ warning in the shopping cart even when purchasing games that aren’t in the Pre-order section. That means it’s out of stock too obviously – probably ’cause it’s a really popular game!

We received a slew of new releases including Prophecy (1 in stock now, we expect another 2 in another week and that’s it!), Hamburgum, Kingsburg and Thebes. Also a lot of other games have been put back into stock and we expect many popular games to be arriving at our distributors within the next 2 weeks.

As always, if you have any questions, do feel free to contact us.

New stock arriving and review contest

Okay, a few points on stock coming in and our review contest.

New Stock

– We will be restocking a lot of our games this week with a trip down to the US so expect a lot of the favourites to come back into stock like Ticket to Ride, Race for the Galaxy, Descent, Starcraft and the like.

– We will also be getting both Prophecy, Kingsburg and Hamburgum in next week. Unfortunately, the stock of games available is pretty low so be sure to order them as soon as possible.

Review Contest

– We’ve got a great Review Contest taking place once again this month and we’ve already had some outstanding entries. If you have something to say about a game, do go ahead and comment and you’ll be entered to win a $50 coupon.

Boxing Week Sale

Welcome to our first annual Boxing Day Sale

To see what’s on sale, just click on the ‘Promotions’ tab above. We have quite a few popular games on sale including:

Arkham Horror

Pillars of the Earth

Twilight Imperium

Zombie Fluxx



and a whole lot more

The sale lasts only so long as stock lasts. We have a limited quantity of all items, and once a product is out-of-stock, you will no longer be able to check out. The system should inform you that a board game out-of-stock and we will, throughout the course of the day, update the inventory on the site as well.

We apologise, but there are no rainchecks for any special promotion orders.


Free shipping for all promotions will not be in-place for all promotional orders. This supersedes all other information on the site.

All orders made today will only ship out on December 28, 2007 at the earliest. It might take a day or two more.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Happy shopping.

Edit: We’ve decided to keep this  sale running until the end of the year.

New games, products back-in stock and new releases

Hi all, great news in that we now have a ton of stock and some new games too. So without further ado, games that are now back in stock include:


Apples to Apples

Axis & Allies Guadalcanal




Heroscape Marvel Master set

LotR: Battlefields Expansion



Shadows over Camelot: Company of Knights


Starfarers of Catan 5 + 6 player expansion

The Very Clever Pipe Game

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride Europe

Wits & Wagers

New Games:

Deluxe Illuminati


Flandern 1302

Iron Dragon

Nippon Rails


Starship of Catan



Just released:

Carcassonne Abbey & Mayor

Zooloretto expansions


Tannhauser: Yula Figure

Back in-stock products

Our shipment of board games from our Canadian distributor arrived and the following board games are now back in-stock:

300 the Board Game

A House Divided







Easter Island

Empire Builder

Enemy on the Horizon



Gloria Mundi

Hera and Zeus

Incan Gold

Killer Bunny Blue Starter

Killer Bunny Orange Booster

Lord of the Rings: the Duel


MidEvil 2

Mystery of the Abbey

Owner’s choice

Power Grid

Power Grid IT/FR

Primordial Soup


Seafarers of Catan

Settlers of Catan the Great River

Settlers of the Stone Age

Shear Ppanic

Starfarers of Catan


Take Stock

That’s Life

Thief of Baghdad

Tigris & Euphrates


Twilight Struggle

Unspeakable Words

When Darkness Comes : the Awakening

Products in-stock, pre-orders and Christmas season

Those of you who have been keeping close track might have noticed that there has been a slew of popular games coming back ‘in-stock’. Alison finished her run on Monday and has started mailing out all our pre-orders and any other orders that came in while she was away.

So expect to start receiving e-mails with your tracking number soon if you haven’t been contacted about your pre-order. Note that not this holds mostly for products that were out-of-stock – there are still some products that have you to be released on pre-order.

Also, our distributor didn’t have the full order of Seafarers and Cities & Knights of Catan that we made, and we’re awaiting word on when his next shipment is coming in. In there is a product that you wish to order, the safest thing is to enquire about availability from us if it is on pre-order. If we are able to get it in before Christmas, we’ll inform you and you can make a pre-order of it. This way, you will be guaranteed to receive it.

A clear example are all our Seafarer orders that went out – the limited stock that we received shipped to all our preorders.

We do apologise about the amount of product coming in and out of stock at the moment – between the Secret Santa orders and a substantial increase in sales from Christmas, we are finding it challenging keeping all our products in stock. We’re doing our best and hope you can bear with us. We’re committed to getting all orders that are possible shipped well before Christmas.

New stock in and restocking

New stock has come in, including a ton of CheapAss Games. Some of the most exciting things to have arrived include:

Settlers of Catan (2nd Edition)

1960 : The Making of a President


China Rails

Hannibal : Rome vs Carthage (btw, we have very limited stock on this one)

Munchkin : the Good, Bad and the Munchkin

Carcassonne the Discovery

Duel in the Dark


– and lots more!

Also, more products are back in-stock including:

Descent : Well of Darkness


Dork Tower


Expect to see a lot more products arrive and come back in stock soon including Power Grid as our second shipment from our other distributor arrives in the next few days.

Starcraft the board game now in stock

Our deepest apologies to everyone who was waiting for their order of Starcraft, it’s finally here. All our pre-orders are now out, and we obviously have extra stock.

Also, we will be down in the US on Friday once again, so if there are any board games you’re looking to purchase; even if it is not on the site, do contact us. We’ll be happy to throw it on the order so that you can be assured of getting it.

Over 200 board games now available!

Wow, that was fast. In less than a month, we’ve managed to increase our inventory to over 200 board games. Some of them sell well, some of them sell much slower, but we’re committed to holding an inventory for everyone.

We have two new categories ‘Classic’ games that include old favorites such as Monopoly, Risk and Scrabble and ‘Adult’ board games for mature audiences.

Other new and exciting games in this recent shipment include Naval Battles and Caylus Magna Carta – the card version of the popular Caylus board game.

We have a new order coming up just before V-Con so if you have any games that you are interested in, do tell us. As always, we’ll be happy to special order them for you at no extra charge.