New Ways to Support Starlit Citadel Reviews

As long-time viewers of our video review series, Starlit Citadel Reviews, may recall, we’re constantly looking for ways to meet the demand for more video reviews while staying within a small business’ budget. For Season 2, this took the form of a IndieGoGo fundraiser that raised enough money to shoot an additional 7 videos on top of the 26 we funded ourselves. For Season 3, we decided not to run another full-fledged fundraiser, and are self-funding a 26 episode season.

For viewers who would like to support the production of extra episodes, we’ve set up a donation page. From there, you can make a donation of any size via Paypal to help with the production costs of Season 3. For every $500 in donations, we’ll produce an additional episode this year. You can keep track of current donation levels right on the donation page, and we’ll announce any extra episodes when they get funded. All funds raised go directly to production of Starlit Citadel Reviews.

If you’re a publisher or designer looking to have your own game reviewed, we’ve posted updated submission guidelines on our site. It’s worth noting that time from filming to release of one of our reviews ranges from 2-6 weeks, and that this should be considered if you need a game reviewed on a schedule. If you need a review completed outside of our regular schedule, or would like us to review something we don’t usually cover (in-progress Kickstarters, games not available for sale in Canada, etc), it is possible to purchase a sponsored review for the full episode cost of $500. A sponsored review looks just like one of our regular reviews, but is identified as “sponsored”, and can be released on an accelerated schedule. We’ll be just as honest in sponsored reviews as in our regular material, so games sent to us for review should still be well-designed and interesting. If you’re interested in having a sponsored review produced, you can contact Kaja Sadowski at

Thanks to all of our viewers for your support throughout the series. We’ve just released our 90th game review, and are very happy to be heading int a 3rd full season of videos. Happy gaming!

Video Review: Exodus Proxima Centauri

Starlit Citadel Reviews are back! After a month’s hiatus while we got things underway with our new production team, we’ve returned to our regular schedule of 1 video every 2 weeks. There have been a few minor changes to our look (some of which will only become apparent a couple reviews down the road, as we finish working with all of the footage that we’d shot before our break), but we’ve kept the structure and feel of each review the same. We hope you’ll like what you see, and are very happy to be back.

This week, we’re covering the tight, combat-focused 4x game, Exodus: Proxima Centauri.

Starlit Citadel Reviews: A Very Special Episode

One of the promises we made our Season 2 fundraiser backers was that we’d produce a special episode that was a little different from our usual fare. Just in time for the holidays, here it is!

Join Kaja, Joanna, and special guests Edwin Perez (Standard Action) and Eric Fell (The Critical Hit Show) for an in-character playthrough of The Red Dragon Inn.