Last minute shipping Guidelines

Wow! Christmas is almost here. We are not going to be receiving any additional shipments between now and Christmas, so what we have in-stock is what we have in stock. So a few guidelines for shipping if you want to receive your order before Christmas:

  • Don’t order anything that is pre-ordered. It won’t arrive before Christmas and we might miss contacting you about that fact to verify if you want the order to go out!
  • Free Shipping for orders over $150 is shipped via Expedited Post. The timeline for Expedited Post is estimated on the ‘Shipping Options’ page, so if it won’t make it, then choose another Shipping option. We’ll take off the cost of Expedited Post shipping from your order.

Shipping within Canada:

  • Expedited Shipping – generally takes between 2 – 7 business days to arrive within Canada.
    • If you are in the East Coast, we can’t guarantee you’ll receive your order on time anymore! Check the estimated arrival date on the site for your postal code.
    • If you are in the West Coast, you have till December 17, 2007 to make an order to be safe. December 19, 2007 is your final cut-off for Expedited Shipping (and that’s if we don’t get snowed under with a ton of orders!).
  • Priority Courier – Offers Next Day Delivery within Canada.
    • Great option for East Coast residents. Cut-off date would be December 19, 2007. December 20, 2007 if you like living close to the edge!
  • Free Shipping for orders over $150 – this is Expedited shipping, so see above. If you do have a $150 order but need your order faster, choose Priority shipping and we’ll refund the difference between Priority Shipping and Expedited.

Shipping to the US:

  • Purolator™1 International Noon next day
    • Same cut-off as Priority Courier
  • Xpresspost™ – USA 3,4 and 5 days
    • Depending on where you live, cut-off date is either December 17, 2007 or December 18, 2007. If it’s past then, choose Purolator
  • Expedited Parcel™ – USA 6 days up to 12 days
    • Don’t choose this. It won’t arrive in time for Christmas

Lastly, if you haven’t received an e-mail from us and are worried about the order, do feel free to contact us. We will be happy to confirm it’s status and work with you to fix any problems.

Have a Merry Christmas!

New games, products back-in stock and new releases

Hi all, great news in that we now have a ton of stock and some new games too. So without further ado, games that are now back in stock include:


Apples to Apples

Axis & Allies Guadalcanal




Heroscape Marvel Master set

LotR: Battlefields Expansion



Shadows over Camelot: Company of Knights


Starfarers of Catan 5 + 6 player expansion

The Very Clever Pipe Game

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride Europe

Wits & Wagers

New Games:

Deluxe Illuminati


Flandern 1302

Iron Dragon

Nippon Rails


Starship of Catan



Just released:

Carcassonne Abbey & Mayor

Zooloretto expansions


Tannhauser: Yula Figure

Back in-stock products

Our shipment of board games from our Canadian distributor arrived and the following board games are now back in-stock:

300 the Board Game

A House Divided







Easter Island

Empire Builder

Enemy on the Horizon



Gloria Mundi

Hera and Zeus

Incan Gold

Killer Bunny Blue Starter

Killer Bunny Orange Booster

Lord of the Rings: the Duel


MidEvil 2

Mystery of the Abbey

Owner’s choice

Power Grid

Power Grid IT/FR

Primordial Soup


Seafarers of Catan

Settlers of Catan the Great River

Settlers of the Stone Age

Shear Ppanic

Starfarers of Catan


Take Stock

That’s Life

Thief of Baghdad

Tigris & Euphrates


Twilight Struggle

Unspeakable Words

When Darkness Comes : the Awakening

Returning board game inventory

Wow, and once again, products are flying off our shelves. So, to let you know, we’ve got two major shipments that should the vast majority of our products back in-stock.

Our Canadian board game distributor’s shipment should arrive Friday or possibly early next week. Some of the popular board games arriving from them include:



Empire Builder

Shear Panic

We’re also picking up a ton of games from our US Distributor this Monday, so we should be able to ship any pre-orders on those out by Tuesday. Board games we’re already picking up include:


Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride Europe

Tigris & Euphrates

Heroscape Master Marvel Set

So do make your pre-orders for these games now, we shoud have most in stock soon. Games that we do not expect in stock anytime soon are:

Arkham Horror : the Dunwich Horror Expansion (arrival TBA)

Ticket to Ride USA 1910 (early-mid January only)

Ingenious (arrival TBA)

Killer Bunnies Blue Starter (arrival TBA)

As always, if there’s a game that wasn’t mentioned that yo’d like to confirm additional information on, do feel free to contact us.

Minor amendments

Settlers of Catan for 6 players 4th Edition Just a couple of minor amendments to the site. Firstly, after realising we’re naming the edition for Settlers of Catan wrong, it’s now corrected on the site. So it’s the 4th Edition not 2nd. Oops! Sorry for the confusion.

I’ve also updated the Bestsellers list so for those of you who are curious or need some help choosing gifts, there you go. Ticket to Ride and Blokus were by far the best-selling games – there was a gap of over 10 copies between each of them and their nearest rivals. Otherwise, the spread of sales was very close, with games at the 5-10th places differing by 1 or 2 games only.

Obviously a wide variety of tastes out there.

Lastly, look out for our very first newsletter to arrive in your mailboxes very soon.

Products in-stock, pre-orders and Christmas season

Those of you who have been keeping close track might have noticed that there has been a slew of popular games coming back ‘in-stock’. Alison finished her run on Monday and has started mailing out all our pre-orders and any other orders that came in while she was away.

So expect to start receiving e-mails with your tracking number soon if you haven’t been contacted about your pre-order. Note that not this holds mostly for products that were out-of-stock – there are still some products that have you to be released on pre-order.

Also, our distributor didn’t have the full order of Seafarers and Cities & Knights of Catan that we made, and we’re awaiting word on when his next shipment is coming in. In there is a product that you wish to order, the safest thing is to enquire about availability from us if it is on pre-order. If we are able to get it in before Christmas, we’ll inform you and you can make a pre-order of it. This way, you will be guaranteed to receive it.

A clear example are all our Seafarer orders that went out – the limited stock that we received shipped to all our preorders.

We do apologise about the amount of product coming in and out of stock at the moment – between the Secret Santa orders and a substantial increase in sales from Christmas, we are finding it challenging keeping all our products in stock. We’re doing our best and hope you can bear with us. We’re committed to getting all orders that are possible shipped well before Christmas.

Next pickup and preordered products

Hi all,

As you might have noticed, quite a few products have moved into the ‘pre-order’ section. We’ve had a huge flurry of orders coming from the Boardgamegeek Secret Santa campaign, reducing a lot of our stock on some popular games.

We are already planning a trip down to the USA early next week (being that they are having their Thanksgiving holidays right now!) and should be restocking on the vast majority of these games. So please do not hesitate to contact us about any game that is in pre-order. We’ll be happy to tell you when we will have it back in-stock.

New stock in and restocking

New stock has come in, including a ton of CheapAss Games. Some of the most exciting things to have arrived include:

Settlers of Catan (2nd Edition)

1960 : The Making of a President


China Rails

Hannibal : Rome vs Carthage (btw, we have very limited stock on this one)

Munchkin : the Good, Bad and the Munchkin

Carcassonne the Discovery

Duel in the Dark


– and lots more!

Also, more products are back in-stock including:

Descent : Well of Darkness


Dork Tower


Expect to see a lot more products arrive and come back in stock soon including Power Grid as our second shipment from our other distributor arrives in the next few days.

Blowout sale of old Seafarers and Cities & Knights

Hi all,

Well, the new Seafarers and Cities & Knights of Catan are coming and we’ll probably get it into stock in a week or two. Knowing that, we’ve decided to conduct a blow-out sale of all our remainder Seafarers and Cities & Knights of Catan.

If you’ve ever wanted to buy the expansions, you’ll never find a better time than now. We have very limited stock though, so first come, first serve.

Free Shipping and Gift Wrap Service

Hi all,

Christmas is coming. So on that note, I’d like to introduce two new features on the site.

(1) Free Shipping for Orders over $150

All orders over $150 before taxes, shipping and other discount will now be eligible for free shipping. Please note that you will receive a refund for the shipping cost in this case, as we have still to fix a few bugs in the free shipping option. Look to see it as an automated option very soon. However, we did not want to delay rolling this exciting offer to you.

(2) Free Gift Wrapping Service

As an added bonus, especially for the holiday season, we will gift wrap all orders that request it for free. Just add in the comments section which games you would like gift-wrapped and we will do so. Feel free e-mail us on this request as well, if you forget to add it in when putting the order through.

As always, if you have any questions, do feel free to contact us.