Accessories – Any Requests?

We recently received a  huge e-mail listing all the Ultra Pro accessories available at our distributor.  Currently, we’ve limited the number of accessories available to mostly Mayday and FFG sleeves with a few, basic, deck sleeves from Ultra Pro and a ton of dice from Chessex.

We are wondering if there’s anything in particular that we should stock.  Among the potential additions:

  • More Dice Sets (d6, bags of dice, different colours, etc.)
  • More sleeves from KMC ( or Ultra Pro
  • Deck Vaults
  • 4 and9 pocket portfolios
  • Player Mats
  • Different types of game counters
  • Storage boxes / bags
  • Dice Towers

I’m sure there’s more that haven’t come to mind.  So the open question is, is there anything else that we should add or that as customers, you’d like to see?