US Shipping – New, Lower Rates

We have worked out a way to ship items to US customers at a reduced rate which ranges from about CAD$9.50 to CAD$21. What we will be doing is exporting the products to the US and then putting the pre-packed orders into the US mail system (FedEx or USPS); which will reduce the overall cost. However, there’s a base cost to doing this (the export fee); so we are going to be limiting exporting to once a week (or more, if we get enough orders flowing in from the USA).

Due to the cost of the export fee; we will not be offering free shipping of any form. If this experiment actually works out well and we get a decent volume of orders, we might revisit our decision, though in the short-term we would prefer to increase our exporting from one to two – three times a week. That means customers get their orders faster and we aren’t sitting on packed boxes for long periods of time.

Ordering will be pretty simple – customers just need to input their address and zip code in the USA and the system will calculate the cheapest shipping option for them. A Canada Post shipping option will also show-up, so that customers who aren’t willing to wait can order direct.

We do reserve the right, if we do not hit the minimum volumes that we need to just change the shipping method to good old Canada Post (again, see minimum charge for exporting). Any questions, feel free to ask below

FedEx and Free Shipping

As some of you might have heard; we decided to turn off Free Shipping via FedEx completely.  The reason was a simple financial one – it costs too much.   Aftera quick review, we realised that while most of the time it wasn’t bad – the occasional ‘worst case’ scenario could really hurt us.  Specifically, any order that shipped to a rural region across the country ended up costing significantly more than we had planned for.

This is probably due to how FedEx manages rural deliveries – instead of delivering the items themselves; they bring it to their closest location and then puts the item into Canada Posts’ system for delivery.  Obviously, FedEx has to recoup their costs in some way for doing that – and the simplest way is to charge it to us.  It also means that Canada Post is actually going to be cheaper to ship for us.

How much of a savings? In a recent worst case scenario; an order that would have cost us $50 via FedEx to ship cost us $30 via Canada Post.  That’s a savings of over $20 on a $200 order.

I’ve debated getting rid of FedEx entirely; but it’s obviously a shipping method that is liked by some.  As such; we’ve decided to keep it – it’s a great back-up and the additional work it adds to our workflow right now is minimal.   However, we will only ship for free via Canada Post from now on.