Kickstarter Fulfillment at Starlit Citadel

We’ve recently been inundated with a slew of Kickstater Fulfillment quote requests, both for the US and Canada due to a post by Jamey Stegmaier.   It’s kind of fun doing these posts, talking to creators and providing what information  and help we can, though I sometimes wonder about the actual profitability of doing so.  It’s one of the reasons why I always disliked doing consulting – the sheer number of times I used to do proposals to actual hiring was on a ratio of 1 to 7. 

It also reflects the cost that has to be built into each quote. If we value our time as say $25 per hour, then each successful quote has to reflect at least $175 of cost that has nothing to do with the actual shipment of the product.  Otherwise, you’re just losing money even offering this business (at least, if you, like us have something more valuable you could be doing with your time).

On the other hand, if you glance at the Kickstarter Price List, the chances of including $175 of actual cost in any single quote is nearly non-existent.  We charge CAD$2.50 for each shipment generally.  In that, we have to take out box cost (on average about $1 we’ll assume), so we actually make $1.50 per shipment.  Most Kickstarters are in the 30 – 50 Canadian backer range, so we’d expect to make…. $75 at most.  In that, we’d have to pay for the time taken to ship these orders out too.

You can see why we’ve never really pushed the entire Kickstarter Fulfillment Service.  It’s great if the Kickstarter’s were in the 100 – 300 backer range, but being Canada, most of the one’s we’ve done have been in the 30 – 50 range at best.

The loss time effect is also a great example of why people like plumbers and consultants all have prices higher than what you’d expect – the extra quotes, the loss / wasted time all have to paid for somehow.  Of course, there’s the other side of the equation – if you increase your quotes too high due to potential lost time, then you will lose out more quotes than you would at ‘rock-bottom’ pricing.  There is always a balance that has to be struck, the question of course, is where.

To help short-circuit the process and reduce the number of quotes, we’ve attached our Policy Pricing List and a little Excel Pricing Estimate Document here:

Kickstarter Fulfillment Policy Price List

Kickstarter Pricing Estimate