Bestselling Board Games of 2011 for January

New bestseller’s list is out now.

Following are Starlit Citadel’s bestsellers from the month of December 2010 as a comparison. We’re back to the usual suspects mostly.

Ticket to Ride

1. Ticket to Ride

2. Settlers of Catan 4th Edition

3. Ticket to Ride Europe

4. Pandemic

5. Dominion

6. Sid Meier’s Civilization the Board Game

7. Castle Ravenloft : Dungeons and Dragons Board Game

8. Forbidden Island

9. Dixit

10. Dominion : Prosperity

New Bestsellers List for December 2010

We have a new bestsellers list for December 2010 so you can check out what sold well over XMas. Mostly, the usual suspects. It looks like we forgot to do November’s bestsellers list, but here’s October’s as a comparison:

Betrayal at the House on the Hill

1. Betrayal at the House on the Hill

2. Carcassonne

3. Ticket to Ride

4. Bang the Bullet

5. Pandemic

6. Settlers of Catan 4th Edition

7. Castle Ravenloft : Dungeons and Dragons Board Game

8. Dominion : Prosperity

9. Pandemic on the Brink

10. Dominion

New Bestsellers List for September 2010

As usual, for our records, here’s the bestsellers from the month of August 2010.  New bestsellers list for September can be found on the site.
Castle Ravenloft : Dungeons and Dragons Board Game
1. Castle Ravenloft : Dungeons and Dragons Board Game

2. Dominion

3. Zooloretto

4. Citadels Card Game

5. Dominion : Intrigue

6. DungeonQuest

7. Glory to Rome

8. Pandemic on the Brink

9. Ticket to Ride

10. Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition

New Bestsellers List for August 2010

Last month (August’s) bestsellers were mostly dominated by newly released games. Quite different from July’s bestsellers that were mostly the tried and true classics of our genre.

Settlers of Catan

1. Settlers of Catan 4th Edition

2. Dominion

3. Settlers of Catan 5+6 Player Expansion 4th Edition

4. Small World : Tales & Legends

5. Dominion : Intrigue

6. Dominion : Seaside

7. Dominion : Alchemy

8. Seafarers of Catan 4th Edition

9. Bohnanza

10. Dixit

Bestsellers : June 2010

We’ve updated the latest bestsellers for July 2010 on the site. As a review, the bestsellers for June 2010 are as follows.

No real surprises this month – Settlers continues to outsell most other products by a margin of 2 : 1 at least. That’s quite common for us during the Summer, though Dominion is holding very, very close these days. Small World : Tales & Legends has seen a huge surge in sales but it’ll be a matter of time to see if it holds to this level of sales. I doubt it – generally expansions don’t do as well after initial release.

Settlers of Catan

1. Settlers of Catan 4th Edition

2. Dominion

3. Agricola

4. Dominion : Intrigue

5. Summoner Wars : Guilds Dwares vs Cave Goblins

6. Summoner Wars : Phoenix Elves vs Tundra Orcs

7. Arkham Horror : Curse of the Dark Pharoah

8. Carcassonne Big Box 2

9. Axis & Allies : Pacific 1940

10. Battlelore : Dragons Expansion

Con Report : GottaCon 2010

Finally back from GottaCon 2010 and having unpacked all our product, deposited the change and edited the products on the site, we’re exhausted and amused.   This was our first year at GottaCon and it looks like we’ll be adding GottaCon to our Con circuit.  In fact, considering how well it went, I’m debating if we should be looking at the conventions in Calgary for next year as well.

GottaCon definitely grew in size, with what seemed to be at times twice the number of people there this year.  The board gaming section maxed out it’s 10 tables on Saturday quite often, and in fact, sometimes we over-flowed to other places.  If anything, they were victims of their own success with there being insufficient space and planning for open gaming for us board gamers.

There were a ton of demo’s being run and 4 different tournaments, with Settlers of Catan drawing the most and our own Race for the Galaxy tournament coming in 3rd.  We had 6 participants, which was a reasonable amount considering we requested a $5 entry fee.

Outside of us, there were a ton of other gaming going on.  As always, the CCGs were the more numerous with the miniature gamers a close second.  The RPG tables were constantly filled; with perhaps the Computer Gaming section being the barest of them all.

Still, all that said, there were a few hiccups.  We made a loss this year, not unexpected of course.  Frankly, most cons we are viewing as a marketing expense – we do sell games, but the cost of being at the Con (especially if its outside of Vancouver) is quite high.  A rough calculation that I did in my head came up to about $1,000 for GottaCon.

We also need to work out a better shelving option (our current shelves are just too big to transport well) and a better idea of what games to bring to conventions.  As always, we over-packed with dozens of games never making it out of the box.  Without shelving to put the games on, we couldn’t showcase them.  And thus the games were there only if someone specifically asked for it.

On the other hand, we had a good dozen games that were asked for that we didn’t either bring enough copies of, or didn’t bring at all.  So that’s a dozen sales lost.  Finding a solution for both of these  factors would make Cons better events for us.

Bestsellers for October 2009

The new Bestsellers of November 2009 is up on the main website. Following is the list of the Bestsellers of October 2009 as a comparison.

1. Dominion

2. Warhammer: Invasion LCG Core Set

3. Bohnanza

4. Dominion : Seaside

5. Pandemic : On the Brink

6. Ticket to Ride Europe

7. Arkham Horror

8. Carcassonne : Big Box 2

9. Citadels Card Game

10. Pandemic

In addition, here are the bestselling board games that were released in 2009 for the month of October.

Warhammer: Invasion LCG Core Set

1. Warhammer: Invasion LCG Core Set

2. Dominion : Seaside

3. Pandemic : On the Brink

4. Carcassonne Big Box 2

5. Ra the Dice Game

6. Arcana

7. Dominion : Intrigue
8. Small World

9. Battlestar Galactica : Pegasus Expansion

10. Space Alert