New: Wednesday Sales

In an effort to make room for some of the exciting new stock we have coming in, and to showcase some good games that have not gotten the attention they deserve, Starlit will be holding a small weekly sale every Wednesday!

Each week, we’ll be singling out a few games and marking them down dramatically. They will be available at the deeply discounted price until the following Wednesday (or until stock runs out), at which point any leftover stock will return to its original pricing. We’ve also adjusted how reward points apply to these items, so customers enrolled in our Citadel Citizens Points Reward Program will be able to save even more by spending just a few points.

We’ve added a new “Weekly Sales” button to the website front page and a Wednesday Sale category to make navigation easier, and will be posting sale updates to the blog each week.

Make sure to check out our first batch of sale games, available at a special price until next Wednesday, October 5th:

Vercors Campaign – Memoir ’44

We have received our copies of the promotional Vercors Campaign.  As such, any orders of Memoir ’44 over $100 (before shipping and taxes) will receive a copy of the promotional campaign free.

As every retailer only received 5 copies in total, these promotional copies are going to be highly sought after.  Don’t miss out!  Buy your copies of Memoir ’44 today!

Promotional Packages

So I’ve finally found some time to look into doing more promotional packages.  With my Dad visiting from out-of-country, I’ve had to devote most of my free time to keeping him occupied.  Well, that and the tea ceremony.  So work wise, I’ve been doing the bare minimum to keep the company running with nothing new added.

However, he leaves Thursday night which means I’ll have time once more to look into creating new product packages.  On that note, I’m looking for suggestions and recommendations.  What kind of games would you like packaged?