Site Server Move & Errors

We were down for a day! As many of you might have noticed, the website was down and not working properly for most of the day yesterday. Unfortunately, this was due to a server move that was required to ensure that we were ready for some upcoming security updates that would be needed. While we did everything we needed to ensure that the site move would go smoothly, thing’s didn’t go well.

There are still some problems with the site. Certain images are missing for our products are missing. Certain functions on the backend are not working properly any longer. In addition, some customers who placed an order between Tuesday and Wednesday might find their orders missing in the backend and account as these orders were not imported properly. However, all products can be purchased and the site is working fine right now.

For those on our newsletter, we recommend checking it as we’ll be sending out a quick flash sale for those inconvenienced by the site going down.

Server Down! Server Down!

As many of you know, the site went down on Monday when the sale went live.  The load on the site tripled and a number of poorly coded portions started acting up.  For that, we do apologise to everyone, especially those who missed out on  games they wished to purchase because of the site going down.

We’ve now fixed numerous issues and have highlighted some of the other problems for fixing as well as introducing some new features to distribute the load.  It’s actually improved the overall site performance, even with the increased load we’re still seeing.

With that said, I’m going to get (mildly) technical about what happened.  If you are not interested in things like that, you should stop reading now.

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