Changes in the category navigation

We’ve decided to update the Strategy category navigation pages so that the ‘Development‘ and ‘Resource Management‘ sections were smaller and better focused, instead of the catch-all categories that we were using them for.

We also removed the ‘Trading‘ section and changed it into the ‘Economic‘ board games section so that we could fit a few more games into it and provided more categories.

Lastly, we have the new ‘Civilisation‘ section on the site that includes all the civ games that we have including Age of Empires III or  Through the Ages or Tempus.

Small World update

Wow, Small World really has been the hit of the year so far.  It’s now out-of-stock on the publisher level.  Alliance just confirmed this.

I was able to get 7 additional copies from a Canadian distributor, of which 1 is already spoken for.   Unfortunately, I’ve also had to raise the prices marginally since the pricing from the CAD distributors are much higher.  Once these last copies are sold, the next set will be when DOW reprints, whenever that is.

If you have been planning to buy Small World, this would be the time to do it before it goes out of stock for a number of months.