Our 50th Video Review (Seasons) & Fundraiser Update

We posted our 50th Starlit Citadel Reviews video today! It’s a review of one of this year’s most exciting new releases, Seasons. It has the great components and art you’d expect from the publishers of the Dixit series, and offers a lot of strategy and interaction in a short, easy-to-learn game.

We’re also heading into the final stretch of our IndieGoGo Fundraiser for Season 2, with only 12 days left. We’re currently at about 25% of our main goal, and have raised enough to produce an additional 4 videos, making for at least 30 new episodes in 2013.

Since the launch of the campaign, we’ve been posting bonus videos to promote the project, and you can watch them all on our fundraiser playlist over at the YouTube channel. We’ve also received some interesting press elsewhere in the gaming world, including a guest post on review site 2d6.org; a blog post at Game N Train, a Canadian fitness and gaming site that features a “Boardgame of the Week” from us biweekly on their podcast, GameOn, and who will be interviewing Kaja and Joanna in next Thursday’s episode; and a lovely geeklist put together by one of our regular viewers over on BoardGameGeek.

If you’ve got a bit more time on your hands, Richard Bliss, aka The Game Whisperer, has just put up a 20-minute interview with Kaja and Joanna as part of his “Funding the Dream” series. It covers everything from the current fundraising project, to Kaja’s historical swordplay hobby, Joanna’s experiences as an indie filmmaker (including some background on her webseries, Standard Action), and the growing visibility of women in the gaming industry.

The fundraiser is up until November 24th, 2012, at which point we’ll receive all funds collected and get to work planning the next season of Starlit Citadel Reviews. Thanks very much to everyone who has donated and spread the word so far — we’re really grateful for your support! And if you haven’t donated yet? There’s still time for you to help out.

Video Review: The Resistance

This week, we’re reviewing The Resistance. It’s a great party game that makes use of the same traitor mechanics used in popular titles such as Battlestar Galactica and Werewolf, and boils them down to their gritty essence.

Do you find our videos useful? Entertaining? Help us keep making them in 2013 by supporting our IndieGoGo Fundraiser! It’s running until November 24th, and we’re on the way to our $7000 goal, but need your help to get there.